A YEAR AT THE BEACH is a unique time-dependent NFT. An animated cyberpunk pixel art piece created by crypto artist Genuine Human Art, this NFT depicts a beachfront scene on a world somewhere far from here – a surf shack, straw parasol, high promenade in the distance and moons overhead.

What makes this NFT different is that the scene you see depends on when you view it. On a summer day, a bright yellow lambo is parked up under the clear blue sky. On a winter night, a lone woman stands, wrapped up warm under the colourful stars. With eight different states, each animated pixel by pixel, A YEAR AT THE BEACH offers a new experience across the seasons.

Time dependent

This NFT is an interactive NFT: an NFT made out of code (html/css/javascript) that actually loads the scene according to the current viewer's clock.

This allows for a dynamique rendering that follows time.


This series contains 5 versions of the NFT.

One version “THE FULL YEAR” is a 1 of 1 that contains all the day and night panels of each season. The owner will enjoy an NFT that changes throughout the days & seasons.

One version per season, each having a numbered edition going from 1 to 4.
Spring #1, Spring #2, Spring #3, … Winter #3, Winter #4.

All together the series is then composed of 17 tokens: One full year + 4 per season.

You can see all of the editions right now on OpenSea


Ethereum: An Ethereum contract following the standard ERC721 has been specifically created to mint the tokens composing this series.

- The artist, Genuine Human Art is the owner of the contract and all tokens have been created using his main address
- The contract. has been created by dievardump

Arweave: All files (metadata, code and images - including previews) have been stored on the Arweave Blockchain, meaning that the NFT will live as long as Arweave & Ethereum both live.

It has been decided to use Arweave because this allows us to create full on-chain NFTs, which is currently a better option than using IPFS.

Each token is registered on the Ethereum blockchain, and points to its metadata file (following ERC721 standard) stored on the Arweave chain. The metadata references all images and code allowing the interactivity (loading the right image depending on the viewer’s clock) which are also all stored on Arweave.

The Team

Genuine Human Art

Genuine Human Art is award-winning pixel artist, animator, creator and director. Beginning his craft more than a decade ago, Genuine Human Art's retro-futuristic cyberpunk pixel animations exploded in 2015. Dripping in rad vibes and neon, they became synonymous with the synthwave scene when he created and directed the Revel In Your Time pixelart music video for GUNSHIP. This video cemented its place in music history when it won Best Music Video at the Unsigned Music Awards 2016.

Genuine Human Art went on to make a subsequent acclaimed video for GUNSHIP, Art3mis & Parzival, as well as creating promo art and animations for acts such as The Midnight, Waveshaper, Dream Fiend and more. In 2018, he animated a music video for DJ Snake for a track featuring Cardi B, Selena Gomez and Ozuna and, in 2019, he created a promo video for NVDES. In a way, this work brought his art full circle – one of his first animation gigs was on Madonna's Music video back in 2000.

Since then, Genuine Human Art has been giving focus to his personal creativity and expression and, in 2020, entered the cryptoart space, quickly becoming a celebrated artist in the scene. His work is set in a near-future reality, a mix of past and present, and all about the human connection – the little moments, the sparks, the racing hearts. Things we can all identify with no matter what form our digital future may take.

Adobe Portfolio: https://genuinehumanart.myportfolio.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/genuinehumanart
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GenuineHumanArt
KnownOrigin: https://knownorigin.io/genuine-human-art

KnownOrigin Spotlight: https://knownorigin.io/journal/spotlight/genuine-human-art
Creative Boom Feature: https://www.creativeboom.com/inspiration/jason-tammemagi/
Nightride FM Interview: https://news.nightride.fm/interviews/genuine-human-the-man-behind-the-pixels/


Simon Fremaux, known as @dievardump most everywhere online, has been a web engineer for more than a decade. He stumbled on a community of crypto puzzlers a few years back and, since then, has been diving deep into the crypto space, especially around Ethereum, its EVM and everything that touches NFTs.

Eager to help lead growth of the space and seeing that the current format of NFT was going to hit a “we need more” state soon, he started to work on an entirely new type of Interactive NFT, allowing creators to define their NFT using code (HTML/CSS and JavaScript) instead of just image or videos.

This new format opens infinite possibilities in terms of NFTs, as anything running in a browser can now become one - reacting to current time, user, owner or anything defined in the code.
He created a platform called BeyondNFT, where users can play with and create, share and discover this exciting new kind of NFT directly in the browser.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dievardump
Platform: https://beyondnft.io

coin_artist (advisor)

Marguerite deCourcelle aka @coin_artist: Artist, Creative Technologist and Game Designer who has created many firsts within the blockchain creator economy since 2014.

She is internationally recognized for cultivating crypto art by BBC, MIT, NASA and Bloomberg.
Credited for inventing cryptopuzzles and currently the CEO of one of the earliest NFT game companies, Blockade Games, since 2018. Her most renowned artwork is known as Torched H34R7S and her last creation, a first of a kind interactive NFT has been auctioned at Christies.com.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/coin_artist
BlockadeGames: https://blockade.games